Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Well, Clearly I suck...

I made it two whole days!! Two days of my 365 day challenge.  I can't catch up at this point... but I can try again.  I have a busy few months ahead but here's to hoping I can suck less!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh No!!

We tried this before... he hated it.  Little man was NOT into hockey.  He hated skating.  It was cold.  It was hard.  He was not going to do it again.  Head Honcho and I were dancing in the streets... just one hockey player in the family!! (Big Kid was not playing anymore as it interferred with laying around doing nothing his studies.) 

We made it through the first 10 weeks of the hockey season with no requests to skate.  He was happy with the unknown.  Then the truth came out.  He wanted to be on the stick side.  That is where REAL hockey is.  Not that silly learning to skate.  His friends were all there.  That is where he wanted to be.

With a LOT of warning that he would not be on the stick side and hopes that he would change his mind I made the mistake of asking him this morning if he wanted to go.  Just as I feared.  He did! 

So I begrudgingly took him and paid the registration fee and got him fitted with a helmet.  (we still had most of his equipment from his last attempt)  He went out on the ice and the instructors were impressed.  Well, not impressed, but he could stand and move a touch without tears or falling.  A feat few in his group could do.  He was so proud of himself.  He stayed out the entire practice and when asked if he would like to stay out for the second group he happily yelled "YES, I LOVE SKATING!!" Tears of terror joy rolled down my face. He was happy.  He really likes this sport! I couldn't be happier to see this face!


Welcome 2013!!

And welcome back to Mismatched Jammies!!

   Took a bit of a hiatus but I am back in 2013 and have taken on a challenge.  Everyday for 2013 I will post something about something.  (starting NOW!)

There has been lots of changes and lots of growing.  Sit back and hold on tight... it is going to be another wild ride!!

Monday, March 14, 2011


So, to end Middle Kid's hockey season they held their home hockey tournament.  They would have 3 games and the two teams with the highest point value would go to the championship.  We tied our first game, lost the second one in a close match, and then won the third one BIG time.  That was a big key.  We had 8 1/2 points.  Another team had 8 1/2 points.  UH OH.  They go to tie breakers.  We tied that team.  Uh Oh.  We go to goal differential... YES... that was were are big win came into play.  We had +4, the other team +1.  So after some conferencing and checking score sheets it was announced.  Our boys would be in the Championship.

The tournament was named after a young father who was a big part of the rink.  He passed away unexpectedly at 44.  I know his wife, his son, his sister, nephew...well you is a lot of the same people.  The Championship game started with a brief story about this man and his love of hockey and his love of kids.  Then we were reminded that his nephew would be officiating the game.  A brief wave of emotion rolled.  Then it was on to the National Anthem.  The boys 32 all together stood there, with sticks in their left hands and right hands across their hearts.  It was beautiful and peaceful. 

And the puck dropped.  Action packed this game was.  We were up 1-0 at the end of the first.  Down 2-1 at the end of the second.  And at the end of regulation tied 2-2.  Overtime it was.  We didn't get too far into overtime before the other team had the puck and were on a breakaway.  On of our forwards was trying to catch him.  He had his stick between the kids legs and all was within the rules.  And then... the other kid lost the puck he overskated it.  But our forward didn't realize it.  He hit the puck.  He scored the winning goal in overtime for the other team.  He dropped to his knees in tears.  The other team rushed to the ice.  They swarmed their player.  Our team, dejected, skated out with their heads held low. 

They properly shook hands and stood through awards.  Quietly they got undressed and went to their parent's cars.  Middle Kid sat down in the truck.  Looked at Head Honcho and cried.  He wanted this.  He knew the season is over.  He knew that that was the last time he will step on that ice with those kids.  He loved playing with some of those kids.  He had such a great year in so many ways.  He also had so many issues and so many setbacks that now he is in limbo. 

I didn't want this season to end because I didn't want to make the decisions we are being forced to make.  However, I want to make the decisions and be done with it. 

Yeah!!! Hockey season is over...

almost.  And for a whole 2 weeks!! Wow...we need that break.  We certainly deserve it.  The season starts in October... first week usually.  Goes strong until 2-3 weeks into March.  The first week in April, we will experience clinics, tryouts and practices (hopefully).  That will run us straight until next March. 

Only to rinse, wash, repeat, love. 

I know I complain about the busy schedule, the practices, the travel.  But honestly the next few weeks not seeing Middle Kid out there smiling and doing what I know he loves and has a deep passion for will be long.  Almost as long as the whole season.  He will count the days until he can start clinics.  He will ask a million times when are tryouts.  He will re-live the last few games.  He will smile when he thinks about the goals he scored and the assists he had.  He will tell us endlessly how he wants to skate.  In time Middle Kid, in time.  Right now we need this break. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pink Eye...

No, not the disease.  Pink Eye is a kid I know.  He really isn't a kid.  I think he is 22.  He is a good kid.  Mostly.  He works with me and unlike most kids his age, he seems to genuinely care about how he does.  I have known Pink Eye for 3 years or so.  I think he was there when I came back from Maternity leave.  He was going to college for culinary arts.  He doesn't go to school anymore, but he should.  Not because the Mom in me thinks every kid should go to college.  Because he is a fantastic cook. 

He takes on a leadership role at work 3-4 days a week.  And people respect him.  Grown men who have cooked for as many years as he has been alive take orders from him.  And take them well.  That is because he knows what he is doing.  I have been in the restaurant business for 10,15, a lot of years.  And usually you don't see a kid running the show and the show running smoothly.  When Pink Eye is in charge, it is a beautiful show. 

He is a good kid in other ways too.  He listens to people well and pays attention to what they are saying and what they need.  Of course, he still is only 22 so there is a bit of immaturity and 'crinks' to work out, but mostly the kid is ok.  So Pink Eye, don't change too much... keep working hard... you are a good kid, you are funny and most of all you know how to cook my burger medium rare.  That my friend is the best trait you own. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

I can still read a map!!

With all of the technology today, sometimes I wonder if simple skills are being lost.  A clock...everyone can read a digital clock, but what about a 'hands' (that is what Middle Kid calls it)clock?  A map?  Who needs them?  We have a GPS.  If we get lost Darth Vader tells us he is reworking our trip to the dark side. (How come he only says that if we are headed to a hockey rink?  He knows!!) So last night I had to take a trip.  About an hour away.  I am a fast driver.  The GPS would have told me it was an hour and a half trip.  I don't need that stupid machine!

Well, the Head Honcho needed the GPS as well, so someone somewhere was going to have to give in.  Of course I did.  I only had one stop.  He had like 50.  I still would need directions.  I COULD have gone to a REAL map.  But do those exist?  Where do I get one?  I am not sure the local Fastrac carries them.  I have never seen them there.  So I used technology anyways.  I went to mapquest.  Here is the thing with technology.  They will plan your route and give you a few options.  I chose the shortest distance but 4 minutes longer trip.  What could go wrong. 

I read the directions on my way out the door to familiarize myself.  No biggie.  It was like 3 turns.  One hour 24 minutes.  Door to door.  I made it in One hour 4 minutes.  I figure they must have thought I was going to stop at stop signs.  (I kid, I kid)  I took care of buisness and went to leave.  I pulled out of the driveway and realized, one I never printed home directions (I am not an idiot, I will go in reverse) is DARK.  Add to that the driving rain and howling winds.  I was doomed.  Good news... Little Brother is working IN the city I am in.  I call him quickly.  He was busy with something (hopefully not that standoff thingy that was going on) but I told him where I was and where I needed to be.  He gave me precise directions.  Go to the intersection and turn right.

I did.  I drove about 20 minutes and then realized, I wasn't seeing ANYTHING that looked familiar.  I pulled over and turned around.  Then things started to get familiar.  But for a very WRONG reason.  I was near a home I did a party at a few weeks ago.  One that was farther out.  Then it hit me.  Turn right.  Only I would turn left when someone specifically tells me to turn right.  Thankfully, I did make it home.  Thankfully, I didn't get hours out before I realized I was going the wrong way. 

Thankfully I can read a map, just can't follow directions!